BEACH FRONT or GULF FRONT - property located on the Beach along the Gulf of Mexico are the most expensive and sought after of all the Waterfront Properties. 

• CANAL FRONT - property located on a Canal that generally leads out the Bay and Gulf of Mexico. The best Canal Front Properties have no fixed bridges to the Bay and can accommodate much larger boats. 


Things to consider with a 

Purchase of Waterfront Properties:

1.  What federal, state and local governmental restrictions will affect the development or redevelopment of the property?2.  Does the existing structure comply with applicable Flood Zone requirements?  

3.  Who owns the submerged lands adjacent to the uplands?  

4.  Can we build a new dock or modify an existing dock?  

5.  Do Riparian Rights come with the pro


    Effective 2/2002 the City of Sarasota adopted a Comprehensive Ordinance limiting the height and mass of single-family residences. 

    The Ordinance also imposes new requirements for single-family homes pertaining to storm water drainage, noise from mechanical equipment and trees. 

    The new Ordinance also imposes restrictions on the mass of new single-family residences by establishing a "daylight plane". This Ordinance limits the width of the upper stories of new houses.

    The new restrictions apply to all new residential construction and additions to existing structures within FEMA "A" and "V" Flood Zones. 

    The restrictions are to be imposed only within the unincorporated areas of Sarasota County.  Presently, they are not applicable within the City of Sarasota or Town of Longboat Key.


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